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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Kaiapoi Red Zone photographic exhibition

The Kaiapoi Public Library is currently hosting an exhibition of Red Zone photographs by Cosmo Kentish-Barnes.


Cosmo  spent a few months around Kaiapoi photographing earthquake damage. From this arose a project to photograph "exiled residents" in front of their red stickered homes, or the land where once they had a home.

Each photograph is accompanied by a brief account of the post-earthquake life of one of the people in the photograph. As someone who has shared the experience of those he photographed I felt he did an extremely good and sensitive job.

Come and visit Kaiapoi to check out the exhibition. It is of modest size so won’t take up too much time. The library is on Williams Street, immediately before the Kaiapoi river.


Kaiapoi library


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