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Monday, 24 June 2013

CERA update - Community Issues and Questions

CERA have updated their Community Issues and Questions page by adding three new questions (at the bottom of the page here). One of the questions is relevant to those who are still in the Red Zone. At this stage there are no answers available.

The problems/issues/questions are:

22. People believe that they have been advised that garages can no longer be attached to the dwelling when they are a TC3 rebuild. Is this correct? And if it is, why? What does this mean for the property owner should they wish to have an attached garage?

23. Can people who are still in the RRZ, either intending to stay or have yet to leave, get their EQC land claim processed and completed as soon as possible. If not what would be the reasons that these land claims would not be processed?

Additional to question: what would the process be?

24. Under what circumstances will EQC, Fletcher EQR and/or the private insurers take an independent assessment report into account if it challenges their own assessment? How will the outcome of any consideration be communicated to the homeowner?

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