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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Demolition of No. 57

57 Cowlishaw Street has been demolished. Alan Cooke’s photographs give a wonderful bird’s eye view of the process.

His photographs also show one of the attractions Avonside residents used to enjoy: though reasonably densely populated (ours was a small back section surrounded by many other properties) the area was an abundant forest with a diverse range of birds and insects that lived or visited. Our co-residents ranged from sparrows and thrushes, small dragon flies and enormous monarch butterflies, through to invisible bellbirds, obese wood pigeons, and a little black fantail for two winters in a row. No wonder the prospect of going to one of the sterile subdivisions has been unattractive to many. Sadly CERA will soon reduce Avonside it to a much lesser state.








All photographs copyright Alan Cooke 2013.


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