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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

More about dealing with hard bargainers

Back on the 2nd of August there was a blog item Dealing with hard bargainers, in which the bargaining tactics used by professional, and at times less than scrupulous, negotiators might use (think people working for insurance companies, EQC, ACC, government policy people and cabinet ministers). The blog item was based on articles written by Auckland barrister and professional mediator Nigel Dunlop (here).

Nigel Dunlop has written another article about dealing with these sorts of people called Still more hard bargaining tactics.  In the article he covers ten tactics of which he says:

The 10 further tactics described below involve a heavy dose of pretence and deception. I am not necessarily advocating their use. As mentioned in my previous articles, the use of tactics should have regard to considerations of ethics and personal style. However, knowledge of the tactics enables defence against their use.

1. Representative cloak
2. Phantom player
3. Disguising opinion as fact
4. Feinting
5. Red herring
6. Linkage
7. Trial balloon
8. ‘Predicting’ a favourable offer
9. ‘Failing’ to understand
10. Appearing irrational

The full article is here.


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