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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Just not coping - a problem relationship with an insurance company

The New Zealand Herald has reported the case of a Christchurch man who threatened to set fire to himself as a protest against the treatment he was receiving from his insurance company (here).

The circumstances are complicated, as they often are, and the relationship between the man and his insurer had got to a very bad state. Considering the rough handling a number of us have had from EQC, insurance companies and others it is not a surprise to hear that the relationships deteriorated as much as it did.

As all the power resides on one side of discussions and negotiations, an increasing number of people have diminishing respect or tolerance for those inadequate or incompetent (and amoral?) employees of the insurance industries they have the misfortune to be forced to deal with. Sadly these employees are not being sufficiently guided, controlled or mentored and the checks and balances that are supposed to be in place just don’t seem to work until situations become desperate.

Perhaps Minister Brownlee might like to direct some of his plain speaking to the wider insurance industry? Maybe time for an in-depth review of the performance of the insurance industry?


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