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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Avonside Blog update

On Tuesday of last week Blog Central relocated to Kaiapoi.

It was a somewhat fraught experience with Southern Response doing their best, but not able to keep up with the pace of events. The law firm acting on our behalf did a sterling job of prodding Southern Response to complete the paperwork and produce the money. The more sinister part was the thuggish phone call from the CERA Call Centre a few days before settlement making impossible demands on our moving out and threatening prosecution for trespass if I ever set foot back on the land at 57 Cowlishaw Street from the moment of settlement.

We got out in one piece, at a price, and now see why Kaiapoi is so popular with those who live here. 
Paul and I will be seeking a chat with CERA management over their hardened attitude concerning settlement dates and departure, especially in the face of delays and poor communication from insurance companies who seem reluctant to cough up their contribution to the settlement process.

There has to be a more humane way of helping people to leave.

Will keep you posted.

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