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Thursday, 27 September 2012

CERA release of ground land date used for the zoning reviews.

CERA have released the data and maps used as part of the zoning review. They are very detailed and much grief might have been avoided had they been released as part of the review process.

From the CERA website (here).

These documents contain all the area-wide geotechnical information which was considered by CERA as part of the process for making flat-land zoning decisions, and the subsequent zoning review.

These reports include mapping of ground cracking, liquefaction and lateral spreading observations, LiDAR ground elevation and vertical ground movements.

At the end of the each report is a summary of the area-wide geotechnical considerations and map citations.

They are written in plain English where possible, but do contain technical information where this is necessary to accurately explain the nature of investigations, and the effects of the earthquakes on the land.

The documents are available in PDF format and cover these areas (click on the area name to get the document) :

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