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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Capturing the Legacy of the Red Zone Communities

The following is from a message put out by CanCERN:

Capture the Legacy of the Red Zone Communities

What made these communities precious and what memories should we save?

You can help us to create a legacy for the people of Canterbury that celebrates the places where we have lived and played.

Send us your words, thoughts, memories, stories, and pictures as CanCERN is commissioning Bryan L’Estrange and his team to create an artwork from your ideas.


This is an easy job - use this link, which is an online form for people who want to write their words or phrases OR if you’d rather draw or add photo memories,

email them to us at

Ideas will be collated by area and presented to Bryan’s team who will generate possibilities for you to vote on.

The favourite idea will be turned into container art and gifted to the people of Canterbury.

So spread the word, help generate ideas and let’s make a bit of history


We need to raise about $2700 for this project. Any donations will be most appreciated  and can be deposited in the CanCERN account

06 0817 0320607 00. Please use the reference, ‘ART’

and put your name in the code for a sponsors list.

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