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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Keeping Gerry informed - bridging the information gap.

In today's Press Minster Brownlee is quoted as saying the rental housing crisis is: "not a problem that has been brought to my attention" (article is here).

It is bad for good government if Ministers are not kept fully informed of important events. Clearly Ministers rely upon those around them, and those people may also not be fully aware of what is going on.

Rather than being critical of this state of affairs it is preferable that we do our best to bridge the information gap.

To that end, it would seem a very good idea if helpful information were provided to the Minister's office by all who want to help out. There are a couple of places to start with.

The first is CERA, which would also help protect Roger Sutton from not being aware of important issues. At this stage no direct email address comes to mind so try the general one: The folk who deal with the e-mails are very helpful and track the information coming in.

Minister Brownlee has a number of private secretaries, and I have the contact details for one: Scott McHardy. Try sending helpful information via this e-mail address

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