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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Christchurch Central Development Unit

The new unit, a part of CERA, has a website here. On the website the CCDU explains their role:
Our role is to lead the rebuild of Christchurch central and to deliver the vision in the Central City Plan prepared by the Christchurch City Council for a distinctive, vibrant and green 21st century city. That city vision which has the support of the people of Christchurch will:
  • give Christchurch a commercial, cultural and social heart that is dynamic, distinctive and resilient;
  • strengthen the city’s role as the central point for commerce, health, tertiary education and tourism in the South Island;
  • create a distinctive and enduring heritage for Christchurch with new civic assets and facilities to serve the region and the country;
  • provide improved infrastructure, including high-speed broadband and transport networks;
  • consolidate the central city and improve access, layout and built form;
  • provide for residential development within the central city to meet demand for housing, make use of brownfield sites, provide live-work options, create a higher level of activity and vibrancy to support business growth; and
  • improve amenities, including increasing open green spaces, to help attract residents, businesses, and visitors.
Our focus is to increase the pace of redevelopment by providing a blueprint for the rebuild and certainty that encourages and supports investors and allows landowners to rebuild.
We work collaboratively with our key partners, particularly the Christchurch City Council, Ngai Tahu and stakeholders in the public and private sectors.
Our approach is based on international examples of successful redevelopment and rejuvenation, including:
  • Solidere: Beirut Central District
  • London Docklands Development Corporation
  • Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.
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