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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The problems that plague us: Japan and Christchurch

The following is a quote about Japan from Annelise Riles, a professor of Law in Far East Legal Studies and a professor of Anthropology at Cornell University. 
“Sadly, the recovery is plagued by a number of serious political problems.”
“They include an unwillingness of the mainstream press to fully investigate or to place news in analytical context; an unwillingness of elites in position of authority, whether in the private sector or the government, to put aside politics as usual and address the needs of the many victims; and a lingering unwillingness on the part of many citizens to openly challenge the government even though many people privately voice their total distrust of government claims and cynicism about its motivations.”
Professor Riles is currently helping to organize a two-day conference to begin March 11 to bring business and political leaders from Japan together to examine the lessons from the earthquake and tsunami.

More info here.

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