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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Report on the collapse of the CTV building

The report on the collapse of the CTV building has been released. Media statements from a number of sources have also been released.

The report is here, just over half way down the page.

Click on the name of the person or organisation making a release to be taken to the appropriate site.

A few initial responses to the report (click on the headline):

Three 'critical factors' in CTV failure: The Canterbury Television Building would have had a "much better" chance of staying intact if it had met building codes, says an engineer who worked on an inquiry into its collapse.

CTV designer says the report is inadequate: The head of the engineering company that designed the Canterbury Television building says a report on the building's collapse is ''technically inadequate''.

Police: Charges over CTV collapse not certain: The report is now with police to determine whether a criminal investigation is necessary. Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess told a news conference the case is unprecedented and charges of criminal nuisance or even manslaughter are by no means a given.

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