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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Jane Bowron's - When immoral uncertainty is our reality

Sometimes a writer puts a few words together and encapsulates what many have struggled to say. Jane Bowron did this for me in her article When immoral uncertainty is our reality in the Press on Saturday (6th). You can read it here.

Giving her opinion on the anti-Tony Marryatt pay-rise protest, and the attempts by some to play down the nature, size, and value of the protest, she looks at who was involved and the backgrounds they represent. Here is part of her view on those who were there and their motives.
However, the mainly grey and white-headed protesters outside the council's Hereford St premises are part of a growing revolution sick and tired of a narcissistic management ruling class that mouths jargon and platitudes instead of providing vision, swift, common sense solutions, and leadership.
Finally, in a way I could never manage, she sums up the mayor as though looking through my eyes:
Mayor Bob Parker, who dresses like a middle-aged escort and was Sideshow Bob and on the way out before the last elections, has been both saved and destroyed by the intervention of the quakes.
Gifted he may be at trotting out coherent and comforting platitudes, but residents are now seeing through his gift of the gab and are disgusted at his desertion of post to leave town for 10 days with his lady wife (he has called her the most beautiful mayoress in the world) to drum up tourism in Asia at a time when the peasants are revolting.
A great read.

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