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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Whats on your mind? - CanCERN want to know

CanCERN, of which our society is a member, is an organisation with good track record of trying to sort out the large problems that affect many of us. Considering it has a staff of only two what is achieved is very impressive.

CanCERN meets regularly with CERA, CCC, EQC and insurers. To make these meetings more productive CanCERN need to know the range of issues and questions experienced in the different parts/zones of the city.

On their website is the Whats on your mind? page. Here you can register your issues and thoughts. It is anonymous, confidential, and open to everyone. The information gathered will be used as preparation and background for the meetings. Please help them out by providing whatever information you can. The page is here.

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