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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

EQC release fourteen more new geotech factual reports

EQC have released fourteen more T&T geotechnical factual reports. These reports are the results of geotechnical work undertaken months or weeks ago and so will throw no light on last week's events (see below). The reports cover:
  • Avonside
  • Beckenham & Cashmere
  • Bromley
  • Bryndwr
  • Burwood 
  • Christchurch City
  • Fendalton
  • Linwood
  • Merivale
  • New Brighton
  • Richmond
  • Shirley
  • South New Brighton
  • Woolston 
These, and the previously released reports, can be found here.

To repeat what was said in previous posts: much of the material is impenetrable to the normal mind but may have some useful background and summary information in the main part. The appendices have the bulk of the technical stuff. Appendix A defines the area under investigation, shows where the testing took place and what sort of testing it was. The other appendices vary in content and intelligibility.

The full list of releases is now:

  1. Aranui
  2. Avondale
  3. Avonside
  4. Beckenham & Cashmere
  5. Bromley
  6. Bryndwr
  7. Burwood
  8. Christchurch City
  9. Fendalton
  10. Hillsborough
  11. Hoon Hay
  12. Linwood
  13. Merivale
  14. New Brighton
  15. North New Brighton
  16. Opawa
  17. Papanui
  18. Richmond
  19. Shirley
  20. Somerfield
  21. South New Brighton
  22. Spreydon
  23. St Albans
  24. Sydenham
  25. Waimairi/ Queens Park
  26. Wainoni
  27. Waltham

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