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Friday, 4 November 2011

EQC FAQ update: Land remediation timeframes and dwelling claims

The following is from the FAQ part of EQC's website which, by my calculations, was updated with these additions some time yesterday.

How do you fancy having your land repairs managed by Fletchers or your insurer? Do you know if your land assessment has been done? Read on:


The land claims FAQ is here.

What are the timeframes for land repairs, given that they will in some cases delay building repairs?
For repairs being managed through the Fletcher EQR programme, land repairs will be managed as part of the overall repair programme on each property, and the timeframe for land repairs is essentially the same as for other repairs. EQC and Fletcher EQR hope to make an announcement on specific timeframes soon, but this is a project on a very large scale, and it could be a matter of years before it all work is completed.
Who's doing land repairs (if under cap)? Is it Fletcher EQR?
For properties being managed by Fletcher EQR, all work will be done by accredited contractors, including land repairs.
Who organises the remediation of my land if I’m over cap?
Your land repairs are done as part of the total programme of repair to your house. If EQC is doing the repairs to your house through Fletcher EQR, EQC will organise the repairs to your land at the same time.If your house repair is being managed by your insurer then the land repair will either be managed by EQC or your insurer. The options will be discussed with you prior to your repair commencing.
Does my land need to be remediated before the foundation work can be done?
This will depend on the extent and nature of land damage. When are land assessments being done? Is there a list of suburbs where land assessments are being carried out? Land assessments will be completed by Christmas. If your land assessment has not been done yet, contact EQC. {NOTE: How would someone know of their individual land assessment had or hadn't been done?}

The dwelling claims FAQ is here.

What happens if repairs have already started/been completed but I’m in TC2 or 3 [yellow or blue], do they have to be stopped/redone to meet the new code?
This is a building consent issue, so you need to speak to Christchurch City Council.
Who pays for new or repaired foundations on TC2 or 3 [yellow or blue] land if the insurance policy doesn't cover it?
EQC covers damage to a building up to the limit of $100,000 per event, to bring it back to the state it was in prior to the event (so, for most Canterbury houses, prior to September 4, 2010). If new or repaired foundations are required as part of a consent EQC will cover it as part of the claim. In many cases, this is likely to mean the claim will exceed the $100,000 limit per event, and the homeowner or mortgagee will be cashed out.
Who pays for a geotechnical engineering report if my property needs it before foundations can be repaired/house rebuilt?
Depending on the policy, your insurer is likely to pay for a geotechnical report. Generally, EQC would only cover the cost of the report if the total cost of the repair/rebuild was less than $100,000.

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