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Friday, 25 November 2011

Central City Plan - update

The CCC yesterday provided an update on progress with the Central City Plan. It is currently being amended for presentation to council on the 15th of December.

The status of the plan, the draft plan itself, and the technical appendices that will accompany it can be found here. The appendices that can be downloaded are:

Appendix A  Public Consultation Summary
Appendix B  Central City Plan consultation phase key stakeholder briefings summary
Appendix B  Central City Plan Stakeholder meetings Summary May - July 2011 UPDATE
Appendix C  Remembering Christchurch Presentation
Appendix E  Population Forecasts and Demographics
Appendix F  Demand Analysis
Appendix G  Study of Trends for New 4 to 8 Level Buildings in Christchurch CB
Appendix G  CCC-Feasibility.gslm-61 22.Oct 11
Appendix H  Character Descriptions of Areas
Appendix I  Retail Peer Review
Appendix J  Tourism Strategy Peer Review
Appendix K  CCP Community wellbeing framework
Appendix L  Central_City_Plan_Integrated Wellbeing and Sustainability Assessment
Appendix N  Transport Choice Traffic Analysis
Appendix O  Transport Choice Public Transport
Appendix P  Parking Analysis
Appendix R  Colour Coded Status of Group 12 Listed buildings 2011-11-15

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