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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Avonside during the heavy rain

The photographs below were taken yesterday afternoon along River Road and Avonside Drive.

River Road, near Swanns Bridge, with Cowlishaw Street on the far side of the river.

River Road near Dallington Terrace. The road has flooded and a breach is being made in the stop bank to allow the water to run into the Avon.

Avonside Drive near Galbraith Street, from  Dallington Terrace. The green willow trees in the middle-right mark the approximate edge of the bank on Avonside Drive. Behind the stop bank can be seen patches of flooding on Avonside Drive.

Taken from on top of the stop bank on Avonside Drive, a few metres downstream of Galbraith Street. The river surface is about half a metre higher than the road.


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