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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Access to property specific land information.

The Department of Building and Housing has released a document called "Preview of the update to: Guidance on house repairs and reconstruction following the Canterbury Earthquakes". It is a preview to changes being made to the original document released in December last year.

The Preview is available here, and the original document here. The updated version will be released in November 2012.

The Preview contains a mixture of stuff. Something that caught my attention is Section 3.1, bottom right hand corner of page 5, which reads (2nd para is the important one):
Technical Category (TC) and other land information can be obtained from a CERA website: The website will advise residential property owners and their insurers of the foundation Technical Category appropriate to their specific site.
Insurers, their Project Management Organisations (PMO’s), Building Consent Authorities, designers and builders will have access to the Canterbury Recovery Orbit website, as necessary. This will enable access to Technical Category and existing geotechnical information specific to the site, provide a means to enter geotechnical data collected and facilitate building consent applications.
It does seem that data gathering at a very specific level is not only well underway but also being collated with the purpose of making it available to everyone except the property owner. I haven't yet located anything about the Canterbury Recovery Orbit website that is mentioned in the second paragraph.

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