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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Legal Q & A on Red Zone questions

CanCERN and Community Law Canterbury have worked together to identify and answer many of the major questions facing Red Zone residents. The result is a fact sheet produced by Community Law Canterbury covering a range of issues including:
  • valuation of buildings and land
  • cross leases and unit titles
  • repairs and the Red Zone
  • querying assessments
  • obligations to lenders where there are mortgages
  • insurance policies and insurance companies
  • tenancy issues.
There are a few things to note:
  1. Some of the information is not good news for those whose properties are undervalued. This may, or may not, be your situation. A careful reading will help you get a clearer idea of where you stand in regard to the 2007 valuation.
  2. A few questions have not been been answered because the issues involved are financial or political rather than legal (e.g. the availability of affordable land).
  3. The document contains general information; it does not constitute legal advice.
  4. The intention is to continue this process and so there will be later documents with additional information.
The fact sheet is available on Google Docs here.

NOTE: Google Docs is not the easiest place to read a document so if you have difficulty try downloading it first.

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