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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

CERA - a fail mark for Communications 101

Yesterday CERA confirmed zoning delays for Orange-zoned Spencerville, Brooklands, Southshore and West Kaiapoi. The announcement is here. Fine so far - delays happen and those areas will get an update next month (and presumably harder news in a subsequent month). At least they know about the state of progress.

There are, however, other Orange zones. They have previously been told that the release of information on their zoning will not happen until after Spencerville, Brooklands, Southshore and West Kaiapoi are sorted. Does this progressive release of information still apply? Will all other releases be delayed by however long it takes to finish work in Spencerville, Brooklands, Southshore and West Kaiapoi? What about those living in a White Zone - will the delays have any impact on when they find out about their land?

Surely someone at CERA could have anticipated that these questions would arise, and provided the answers as part of the media release. Apparently not, and so a narrowly focussed media release handling one specific issue creates  more concern than it attempts to allay. Not acceptable.

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