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Friday, 12 August 2011

Red Cross - Alternative Sewage System Grant


The Red Cross yesterday announced a grant for households that have been without a flushing toilet for 90 days or more. Applications for the grant close on the 9th of September. 

The Red Cross website now shows what appears to be the same grant with a slightly different name and a closing date of the 3rd of October (see here) this part added 12/09/2011.

The information below is from the Red Cross website (here)
$500 per household who have, for at least 90 days, had to find alternatives to using their flushing toilets at home.
The closing date is 9th September 2011.
The significant earthquakes and aftershocks during 2011 rendered parts of the city’s sewerage system unusable for a variety of reasons such as breakages and clogging with sand and silt. Households were asked not to flush their home toilets and used alternatives in a variety of ways including digging long drops in their gardens, using portaloos and using chemical toilets.
This grant recognises the efforts made by households to resume and rebuild their lives while managing the ongoing lack of this service in their homes over a significant period of time including the winter months.
Before you apply online, please ensure you have electronic copies of the following documentation.
Proof of your residential address dated after 1 June 2011.
  • a utilities bill OR
  • a bank statement OR
  • a rates bill
Details of the bank account into which you would like this grant to be paid if this application is approved, that shows the account name and bank account number:
  • a printed bank deposit slip OR
  • a recent bank statement
The application form can be downloaded from the website here.

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