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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Maps & Info on the new Kaiapoi & Pines Beach Red Zones

CERA has a web page where maps, an FAQ, and the Tonkin & Taylor presentation (overheads only) can be viewed or downloaded.

There are five maps covering the area. Each one clearly outlines the Red Zoned areas and allows for specific properties to be identified. The maps are:
  • Kaiapoi Ward zones overview
  • Kaiapoi north
  • Kaiapoi south-east
  • Kaiapoi west
  • Pines Beach
The FAQ, in PDF form, is similar to the material released to city Red Zoners following the June zoning announcements, but incorporates the new decisions made since then and much more information about specific issues. A good read for anyone in Red or Orange.

Tonkin & Taylor's presentation overheads make little sense without the words. For instance, in some areas the boundary between Red and Green is a road, while elsewhere it seems to be a fence line. An example of the latter occurs on the Kaiapoi North map (N.E. corner) between Shiels Place and Rowan Lane where the boundary line goes through the back of the houses. Some pretty convincing written arguments will be needed to demonstrate that there is nothing arbitrary or capricious about how such lines are drawn.

The CERA page is here.

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