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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Earthquake Assistance Centre for Red Zone residents

CERA have set up a Residential Red Zone earthquake assistance centre on Breezes Road, at the Avondale Golf Club (in the car park). The contact details are:
Avondale Earthquake Assistance Centre (EAC)
Avondale Golf Club, 141 Breezes Road, Avondale
10.00 am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday
0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372)
The purpose of the Centre is to
  • Provide information and assistance for red-zone homeowners with insurance deciding on Government offers to buy their properties.
  • Give updates on services such as roading, sewerage and water.
  • Help connect those with earthquake-related housing, legal and/or insurance issues to the relevant services.
  • Share material from official agencies and community organisations, including notices and contact details.
It is important to note that there are things the Centre is NOT set up to do:
It can’t provide a dispute resolution service between homeowners and insurance companies nor a forum for negotiating individual settlements. It can, however, provide information to help people decide on a purchase option, if any.
Community Law Canterbury will have a presence, and lawyers from this group will give free legal help including making suggestions about finding a lawyer for those who don’t have one of their own.

Other agencies that will be there, although not necessarily at all hours the Centre will be open so ring to check:
  • EQC
  • Some private insurers (ring first to check)
  • City Council
  • Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service (CETAS)
More information on the Centre is available from CERA's website here.

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