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Friday, 8 July 2011

Vultures circling?

Went to the letter box about 10 minutes ago and found a big plain white hand delivered envelope marked:

Red Zone Resident
Invitation & Information

Being in the Orange Zone my first thought was the geotech results must have been processed in a commendably quick time.

Inside is a pile of advertising material for mortgages, property and life insurance, savings and investments, a real estate company, and a couple of removal companies. 

Not amused! Right now a high degree of sensitivity is required over what goes into peoples' letter boxes. There are ways of doing this sort of advertising stuff (e.g. a CERA or CCC or CanCERN sponsored Expo), but this is not one of them. These outfits are now on my boycott list:
  • Lifetime Insurance Brokers
  • Lifetime Financial Security NZ Ltd
  • Crown Relocations
  • Grace Removals Group
  • Harcourts Grenadier City office
 The government is still working its way through the finer points of the package, so it is too early to to get involved in the details with strangers.

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