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Monday, 25 July 2011

Sustainable and Smarter Homes - Links

For those looking for information on sustainable homes the links below may help you get started. Click on the subject heading to go to the web site concerned.

The aim of this guide is to promote environmentally sustainable development and to encourage people to design new residential buildings that interact positively with the various elements of their local environment.
The result should be buildings that use less energy and have a less damaging environmental impact on lives than equivalent buildings designed without any regard for these factors.
Also on this page is the urban design guide plus guides to buying a section, building a garage, and design guidance for building in the city's SAMs (special amenity areas).

Future Proofing - Benchmark Homes
You have probably already heard about future-proofing, but have probably wondered exactly what it means and how it will benefit you. Future-proofing is about building properties that will meet today’s requirements, and the changing lifestyles of tomorrow. It may cost a little more to build, but the long-term benefits of a future-proofed home should more than outweigh any extra initial costs and will ensure your home maintains and improves its value.
The web page has a check list of features to look for.

Building your Sustainable Home - Lincoln Envirotown Trust
This section of the Lincoln Envirotown website seeks to promote Selwyn businesses and others that follow sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices and offer sustainable building options to people seeking to build or enhance their homes in an environmentally and sustainable way.

Creating healthy, affordable homes - Smarter Homes
You've just taken the first step towards a home thats warmer, drier, healthier, more comfortable, more affordable and kinder to the environment. Find out more.

Sustainable Homes - Auckland Council
The Sustainable Home Guidelines provide a practical guide for good practice eco-building with up to date information about energy, water, materials, safety, waste and other eco-building issues to build your dream eco home or to simply make your existing home a little more sustainable.
These guidelines are not just for building or renovating a house - much of the information is about simple things you can do in your everyday life to contribute to sustainability - saving energy or water, making your home safer and healthier or just more comfortable to live in.

Modular Eco Kit houses - EkoKit
Owning a sustainable home has never been more affordable. EKOKIT is a range of self-build eco houses that have been specifically designed to be flexible, sustainable and within the price reach of ordinary New Zealanders. While the major components of an EKOKIT are prefabricated and delivered to you in a container, EKOKIT is not a kitset in the usual sense – it is rather a system for building a sustainable home that minimizes the waste associated with traditional house building while also keeping the cost at a sensible and affordable level.

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