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Friday, 1 July 2011

NZ Red Cross - The first 100 days

The NZ Red Cross have released a report outlining its response in the first 100 days following February 22nd. Yesterday's media release (here as a Word document) includes the following:
First 100 days provides insight into what New Zealand Red Cross did during the initial response, in the aftermath and its future recovery plans to support those affected.
"Red Cross response teams swung into action and were on the ground within hours, and now almost five months later we are still very active in Christchurch because our support is a long-term commitment," Mr Ware said.
"Our response to Christchurch has been the largest since we became a national society 80 years ago, it could be a once in hundred year event and it has been defining for us all. The First 100 days report is the story of that response."
First 100 days outlines Red Cross' immediate actions, the opening of the Appeal, the appointing of the Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Commission, how funding from donations has been allocated and the Red Cross phases of recovery. It also features personal stories from recipients, community fundraising activities, corporate donors and volunteers.
The 8 page report, in PDF format, can be downloaded here.

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