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Friday, 8 July 2011

Holy Trinity Avonside - Community Lunch

Holy Trinity Avonside are hosting a community lunch in Lychgate Close this Sunday (10th) between 11.00 and 2.00. The lunch is free (soup, savouries, and more) with some give-aways plus a chance to win petrol and cafe vouchers.

Quite apart from the community lunch, Holy Trinity is worth a visit because of its long standing connection with the development of Christchurch (check out some of the head stones), and being an "early settler" itself in the eastern suburbs.

Churches on this site have been part of the development of the eastern suburbs from the very beginning. The parish of Avonside originally covered the whole of North East Christchurch (up to the Styx River, over to Parklands and New Brighton, and down to include part of Phillipstown). The first church was consecrated in 1857, and parts of the current church were started in 1874. It has now been deconsecrated and is not far off demolition.

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