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Thursday, 28 July 2011

AMI answers some insurance questions

The post on the 15th of July was headed Some questions for insurance companies (here).

The list of questions it contained was our submission to CanCERN when they called for insurance related questions to be put to AMI. AMI is the biggest insurer in Christchurch and has been working behind the scenes with CanCERN to identify and answer issues experienced or anticipated by claimants. 

CanCERN and AMI staff spent a number of hours working through the questions and recording the answers and responses. CanCERN have now made the list of questions and answers available in the word.docx format from Google Docs (here). With their permission a PDF version is also available from this blog's site on Google Docs here.

Please keep in mind that the answers shown in the list are what I would consider "informal": they need to be formally ratified with AMI before we can been confident of anything. There are also a couple of answers that need to be worked on, and no doubt more questions will arise. Having said that, I feel CanCERN and AMI have done a lot of valuable work to make life easier, or at least clearer, for AMI clients.

Hopefully other insurance companies will go along the same track too (there are signs that some of them are interested in doing so). If your insurance is with another company you may still find this useful as a primer on what to expect from, or ask of, your insurance company.

I don't want to spoil the fun by telling you what is in the document but one of the highlights from page one is:
  • If a house has already been deemed uneconomic to repair will re-assessments be made and, if so, why? No

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