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Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Waimakariri Way

Waimakariri District Council have an earthquake recovery website called New Foundations.

Someone, or some people, at the Council have done a great job in setting out what has to be done, what is being done, and provided two PDF documents containing a range of questions and answers. Most of the information is specific to Waimakariri, particularly Kaiapoi, Pines Beach and Kairaki, but makes good reading.

The two question and answer documents are useful primers for the many issues we will be faced with. A large part of the content is a useful arrangement of material that has been produced over time, putting it all together in their local context.

Also on the website is a Q & A on building issues, with a range of 'what-ifs' where houses are being repaired, rebuilt or demolished. It is reasonably helpful, but some of the answers are too generic to help in a specific situation. It is here.

For us the site is both informative and a useful way of preparing our expectations for the sort of information we will want to receive when EQC, CERA, and the insurance companies begin building and infrastructure work in the eastern suburbs.

The website is here. The two question and answer documents can be downloaded from that page. There is also a New Foundations newsletter which can be downloaded here.

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