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Thursday, 23 June 2011

For those outside Christchurch

Everyone in Christchurch is up to their ears in the land package. As about 30% of the readers of this blog are outside Christchurch (with 18% of those outside NZ) the following is a brief list of links that may help you to get your head around what is going on.

The basis of the whole thing is that residential land has been divided into four zones:
  • Red - the land is unsafe and is to be abandoned (5,000+ residential sections)
  • Green - the land is safe to live on (although some land repair work may be needed)
  • Orange - due to the possibility of damage from the 13 June earthquake, further assessment is required after which the land will be reclassified either Red or Green 
  • White - either hill suburb land, which will be assessed in spring after winter rains and freezing have identified hidden problems, or non-residential land.
Those who are in the Red zone are eligible for a government payout for their house and land, or of the land only (with the insurance company dealing with replacing the house). The payout amount received is equal to the rateable value of their land (and house if applicable) on the 3rd of September 2010.

There are two main websites associated with the land package: CERAs,, and the land status database  Between them they should provide all the information you need.
  • an FAQ covering the process is here.
  • to check on the staus of the land for a particular address go to the web page here.
  • a map of the city and environs showing the zones is here.
  • land payout examples are here.
  • The CERA support resource page is here.
Both the Christchurch Press and New Zealand Herald have on-line editions with articles on the land package. The Press is here and the NZ Herald here.

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