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Sunday, 26 June 2011

EQC and the iPad

Yesterday we had our full EQC assessment. According to the EQC website Red Zone assessments are the highest priority, followed by us Orangers, which explains the increase in activity in the area.

Peter (from near Newcastle in NSW) and Neil (from Auckland) arrived spot on time. Both were very good at their respective jobs. It felt more like having a couple of amiable blokes from down the road helping out than anything else. The process took around three hours and it was a very positive experience. In the end we may not fully agree with the scope of works arising from the assessment, but have no qualms about the way it was done, or the competence of the two who did the work.

This was our second assessment and there was one very notable operational difference: the iPad. Each of them had an iPad and, as the assessment progressed, they were filling out forms and making notes on their iPads. The machines, in turn, were sending the information back to home base.

What a brilliant idea! No paper notes to be lost, as happened with previous assessments in our area, and no need for the extra error prone step of someone entering data. Until yesterday the iPad seemed nothing more than an expensive toy. Having seen it in action in the field it is clear it does have its serious applications.  I also feel more confident that the EQC assessment process is scaling up to the size of the problem. Thank you to the EQC person who came up with the idea.

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