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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Brief update

As of 11.00pm last night our area is accessible from all areas except via the Dallington Bridge.

There has been liquifaction in Caddesden lane, Patten Street end of Cowlishaw (quite a bit with a few peoperties a mess, also the water main is broken again with water pouring into the street and flooding bits of it) and a little bit of Patten Street. Retreat Road is a mess with water right across it for some distance. Power and phone are on but it looks like water will be a problem for a while.

From the road there has been no major damage to houses (maybe a bit more sinking and/or tilting) but everyone has stuff thrown over the floors and lots of broken glass and china along with some furniture and appliances.

It is now light so off to have a look.

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