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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

SuperShed - again

Since publishing the previous blog entry it transpires that council staff have known of the relocation of the SuperShed for some weeks.

The Council's Business Support unit published a web page dated the 27th of April called A Waste of Time. This is an educational programme for schools designed to teach "Waste minimisation and management issues, waste hierarchy, recycling technology, sustainability, personal and social action." The location of one part of the programme is shown as "EcoShop (SuperShed, Blenheim Road)". You can see the web page here.

In her comments in the Christchurch Earthquake bulletin edition 42 (here) Lianne Dalziel says:
"Among the directors of the company are the Chief Executive and General Manager of Corporate Services of the CCC, and yet the council itself has neither been informed nor consulted."
With the information available to council staff in April, it is curious no one thought to advise the Council, local community representatives and leaders.

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