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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Police Report - Canterbury Earthquake: key points and forecasting

This has been blogged before (here), however it is such an important report it is worth blogging again.

In December 2010 the NZ Police released an extensive report of events after the September earthquake (which presumably reoccurred in February). It contains a significant amount of researched material that has looked at the problems arising from other major disasters (e.g. Hurricane Katrina, Australian bushfires) and put them into a Canterbury context in an attempt to forecast social and anti-social developments through 2011 and 2012.

One of the Report's pointers for the future is that properties/areas vacated for repairs or rebuilding will become focal points for vandalism and theft. Increased membership of Neighbourhood Watch would be a good place for us to start. It would be also useful if we were to discuss how repairs and rebuilds in our area could be staggered to ensure that all vacated properties have neighbours present about them.

The report, which makes very interesting reading, can be downloaded from here.

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