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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Central City Plan

CCC have published a FAQ explaining why a Central City plan is needed, and provided some questions and answers they hope will give us the information we want.

Following the introduction there are 18 questions with answers. The questions are:
  1. What is the Central City Plan?
  2. Will the Central City Plan tell land and property owners what to do?
  3. Why is a Central City Plan needed?
  4. The Central City was failing, so why not just shift the Central City to another area of Christchurch, or get rid of it altogether?
  5. Will the community have the opportunity to be involved?
  6. Will the Council actually listen to the public or like usual, have they already made up their minds?
  7. How will you communicate with the community?
  8. What will this campaign cost and who paying for it?
  9. What can the community influence?
  10. I am concerned the Council does not have the expertise to put this Plan together – are you getting expert help with the Central City Plan?
  11. This seems like a lot of work – how much it is going to cost the ratepayers of Christchurch?
  12. Who will fund all the work that needs to be done?
  13. Is it not the role of CERA to do this work?
  14. How will the Council work with CERA?
  15. When will we get to comment on the draft Central City Plan?
  16. What guarantees, if any, are there that the land in the Central city can be rebuilt on? Or are we simply wasting everyone’s time.
  17. Is the Council going to hold up development in the Central City while it creates the Central City Plan?
  18. How is Council going to work with Ngai Tahu and ECan as outlined in the Act?
You can find this information here.

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