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Monday, 23 May 2011

Avonside Girls High School and QEII Park - the land

In the lead up to the release of geotechnical reports on the eastern suburbs there has been speculation on what might happen to particular significant assets.

Two such assets are QEII Park and Avonside Girls High School (AGHS). Each has been subject to speculation about whether the services they provide will remain at their current locations or be moved. One example is a newspaper article about relocating field sports from QEII park elsewhere (e.g. Addington) because of the magnitude of the damage done to the facilities and grounds. The water sports activities have already gone elsewhere.

At AGHS there has been major damage to buildings and the land under and about the school. If there is a setback from the river then the land available to the school will diminish. The time required to remediate the land and rebuild the school, associated with a smaller parcel of land and a significantly changed catchment population, may mean the school will be relocated.

If either, or both, of these situations come to be then the land they occupied will be free for other uses. If it happens that either site is suitable for housing then EQC and CERA should earmark the land for use by local residents unable to use the land they own, but wanting to remain in the neighbourhood. It would be most inappropriate for this land to end up in the hands of developers.

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