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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Avonside Community Group - May 23 newsletter

There is another newsletter written by Leanne Curtis of the Avonside Community Group (reproduced with permission). As it is covers a great deal of information, only the first few items are shown here. The whole newsletter can be downloaded from here.
Hi people

Well the much discussed Rapture seems not to have occurred so that's a bonus for Cantabrians. Personally, I'd like to throttle the person in The Press who thought Cantabrians needed this news story. We never discussed it with our kids but it's amazing what conversations take place in the school yard. As a result, the kids have been stressed and so have the adults. When did we get so susceptible to believing this kind of rot?

There's still no word on land remediation and as the end of May draws near I can only hope Gerry Brownlee comes through with some decent information. CanCERN, like many MPs and Councillors, has been pushing very hard for extra support on the ground for the residents who will be most affected. Whether you are waiting for the word you can stay or waiting for the word that you can go, we are all going to be facing some very big and ultimately emotional choices.

Greening the Rubble

I'm trying to meet with Greening the Rubble and GapFillers to discuss what they could do in Avonside. There is a lot of support to do something that involves the Medway Street Bridge so fingers crossed we can address that issue.


Red Cross has committed to looking at ways to support people with increased heating costs over the winter. The details are sketchy as yet so watch this space.


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