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Friday, 1 April 2011

Where will all the rubble go - the route for dumping the rubble

The route to be taken by vehicles to and from the Burwood Resource Recovery Parks is described below. There is no effect on our side of the river however Hills Road, Whitmore Street and Bealey Avenue are part of the route to be used by the trucks. The CCC notice announcing these routes can be found here.
Christchurch City Council has specified a route that heavy vehicles should take between the CBD and the Burwood landfill at Bottle Lake Forest. The route is:
  • Madras Street (return Barbadoes Street)
  • Bealey Avenue
  • Whitmore Street
  • Hills Road
  • Akaroa Street
  • Marshland Road
  • Prestons Road
  • Landfill Road
Trucks leaving the CBD will take Madras Street north to Bealey Avenue, while those returning to the CBD will turn off Bealey Avenue and head south along Barbadoes Street.

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