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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Rates and damaged properties.

The Council announced yesterday that it would give further consideration to rates relief for those with property damage. There will be something about this in the rates instalments being sent out this week. The announcement can be found here.


Last year the CCC approved rates relief to assist those whose property was damaged by the earthquakes in September and December. The rates relief package was controversial, however any prospect of discussion on them came to a halt on February the 22nd. Here are a couple of posts relating to this: here and here (part 1 of 4).

 The package approved was specifically for last year's earthquakes and so could not be applied to any damage resulting from the February 22nd earthquake.

22nd of February earthquake.

The Council will consider a rates relief package for properties damaged as a result of the February 22nd earthquake. This will be done in the next month, and ratepayers will be advised of the decision when it is made.

What the announcement says:

The latest instalment of Christchurch City Council rates is about to be sent to households around the city and ratepayers should pay as they usually would by the due date.
A rates relief package for properties damaged in the 22 February earthquake will be considered by the Council in the next month and ratepayers will be advised of the decision when it has been made. Any rates relief granted will be back-dated on rates already paid.
Council’s General Manager Corporate Services Paul Anderson says the rates relief package adopted last year for houses and other buildings damaged in the 4 September and 26 December 2010 earthquakes still applies to those properties. However, it does not cover properties damaged in the 22 February earthquake – this is what Council will consider shortly. Any rates relief granted under this new package will be back-dated.
“It is important that the Council continues to collect rates so that it can pay for city services, including earthquake response and repair measures. If it does not collect rates, the Council would have to borrow to pay for these services.”
Information will be included with the rates instalment being delivered city-wide this week and ratepayers will be advised to pay by the due date as they would normally do. Late penalties will apply to invoices not paid by the due date.
If you usually receive your mail at your home but you are not currently living there or clearing your mail please contact the Council on 941 8999 so that we can update your contact details.
If your house has or will be demolished, this will affect your rates in the 2011/12 financial year. The Council needs to know about the demolition and where possible will access Civil Defence and EQC records for this purpose. Ratepayers can also contact the Council on 941 8999 to confirm that a demolition has been recorded by the Council.

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