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Monday, 25 April 2011

New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Inc

Gail recently came across the website of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Inc. The NZSEE website has a section devoted to the February earthquake, with engineering articles on aspects of how land performed during the earthquake and what happened to buildings. The articles are technical, but some of the writing is digestible. There are links to images of the city and some suburbs shortly after the February 22nd earthquake.

The website is here. Other pages of possible interest:
  • liquifaction map here,
  • PDF file with selected earthquake images here (click on the map to get the PDF file).
  • image gallery here 
  • engineering field reports here
  • preliminary report (3 days after the earthquake) on the Pyne Gould and Grand Chancellor buildings here.
There is also a message board where you can follow the online conversations (here). Not much is happening but it may pick up as the engineers get more information.

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