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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Electricity supply

Orion have now connected the whole of the east side to the electricity supply (see the news release here).

The generator at Retreat Park was turned off on Friday and the cables linking it to the power system removed (in case some one stole them). According to earlier news releases some generators will remain in place until there is certainty that the system can cope with the load.  However some suburbs, including ours, have limited capacity and electricity use should be kept to a minimum (although electric heaters can be used).

If you still have no hot water Orion advise:
Where customers are supplied from a generator, their hot water cylinders may not heat. We ask those customers to contact their electricity retailer, i.e. Meridian, Contact, Mercury, to arrange the appropriate metering change.
We have arranged to do this. It requires an certified (or whatever it is) electrician and about 30 minutes of time. Costs can vary above and below the $100 mark. The downside is we had to go onto a much more expensive unit rate. Check when you ring.

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