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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Earthquake damaged or lost library books, CDs etc.

The devil is always in the details of life. If you had books or other items on loan from the public library during the earthquake, and they are damaged or lost, you are responsible for replacing them. You will be billed at some stage for the cost of replacing them, so the library has released the following advice.
I have lost library items as a result of the earthquake. What should I do?
In the short-term we will not be billing customers for lost items, however, if you are currently going through the process of making a claim you may want to include the cost of library items that are on loan to you but are lost or cannot be retrieved. Your claim should include the cost of a processing fee. For an estimate of the cost of the items and the processing fee, please contact us.
You can contact them via the web here, or by phone on 941 7923

If you have lost your library card, or are unable to access it, there is information on how to deal with this here.

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