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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Earth flood barriers along Avonside Drive

Flood protection work has been extended further up Avonside Drive. An earth barrier now runs from just below Retreat Road, at the Dallington Bridge end, around the loop stopping just short of the western end of Morris Street.

At the eastern (downstream) end of Robson Ave the barrier is about 1m above the level of the road.

The first two photographs show the area as it was a few days ago. The trees are being pruned to avoid damage from the earthmoving equipment.

Tree trimming about 150m upstream from Robson Ave.
Tree trimming at Robson Ave (looking upstream)

These are the barriers as at the 23rd of April.
Upstream from Robson Ave., Banks Ave top right.

Upstream from Robson Ave. (taken a little below the first image).

Downstream from Robson Ave.

Downstream from Robson Ave, Morris Street, middle right.

For the photo buffs who noticed the difference: the top two images were taken with a 20+ year old compact film camera, the rest with a compact digital.

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