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Friday, 15 April 2011

CERA on land remediation

In a wide-ranging news update today CERA's CEO adressed a number of issues. Towards the end of the release were three paragraphs on land remediation processes and timelines. The relevant paragraphs are:
We understand people want answers about their homes and land and we are working towards providing them with certainty as soon as we can.  Those answers will be based on the best engineering and scientific advice available.
A great deal of work and expertise is going into building a comprehensive picture of the damage to both residential and commercial land and to identify the key issues for rebuilding.
It hoped that by the end of May people can be given an initial indication about the state of the land and that options will be identified for the worst affected suburbs. At the same time we aim to indicate areas where there has been relatively little damage to land and where repairs and rebuilding can start.  We hope to also give some timelines then for when more detailed information will be available and when further decisions and announcements will be made.
The full media release can be found here.

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