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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Where will all the rubble go?

As commercial and residential buildings are demolished the rubble is taken and dumped at the old Burwood Landfill, and parts of Bottle Lake Park. This action has been authorised by the Civil Defence National Controller, John Hamilton, to allow demolition sites to be cleared as soon as possible.

The area is now being called the Burwood Resource Recovery Park and the CCC intends sorting, processing and recycling the material sent there. Recycling as much as possible is important as the amount of demolition rubble from all sources is expected to amount to 4.25 million tonnes, or about 15 years of waste taken to Kate Valley.

In a media release the Council said the site was selected for the following reasons:
The old Burwood Landfill and three smaller areas in the surrounding Bottle Lake Forest have been identified as the best site for this temporary processing facility because:
  • the site is just 8km from the Central City and close to the worst-affected areas in the city’s east which is convenient for transportation;
  • the site does not pose a risk to city aquifers that supply city drinking water;
  • as the old landfill is on-site there are already measures in place to ensure security and to minimise adverse affects;
  • established transport routes to and from the old landfill site are already established.
The full media release can be read here.

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