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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Vero insurance and Mainzeal

Back in November Mainzeal posted an announcement regarding their relationship with Vero (and its associated companies) for the purpose of undertaking earthquake reconstruction work. The announcement, which can be found here, is reproduced below.
In partnership with MWH, Mainzeal are VERO’s  preferred management services partner for building reinstatement, to undertake the efficient and effective reconstruction of their Canterbury earthquake claims.
This is a significant appointment for Mainzeal. Vero includes the following entities - AA Insurance, AMP General Insurance, ANZ and National Bank is underwritten by Vero, SIS Insurance, together with Vero’s own brand.
This represents three to six years work and covers the residential market for claims greater than $100,000 which includes homes that have to be demolished and therefore require total replacement. There are also significant commercial building market claims which will again include total demolition and re-build, plus many significant refurbishment and interior projects.
Notice the first sentence of the third paragraph where the estimated reconstruction time is three to six years!

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