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Friday, 21 January 2011

Fletchers update

Fletchers have made three important additions to their EQC - Helping the recovery in Canterbury website at

The first is a web page is called About EQR which explains:
  • About EQR (the EQC's Earthquake Recovery - EQR - project run by Fletchers)
  • What EQR will do for homeowners
  • The HUBs (community based offices set up to manage the rebuild process in different parts of Canterbury and Christchurch).
That page can be found here.

The second is Repair process and covers:
  • An outline of the process from the initial EQC visit until the completion of the repairs.
  • What work Fletchers will undertake to create and agree with claimants the scope of repairs and any associated aspects
  • Managing the repairs
  • The use of accredited contractors
An interesting point arises from this page, so a separate blog entry will be done to cover it.  The repairs page can be found here.

The last one is a Frequently Asked Questions page. As there is a lot of interesting information there will be a separate blog entry on it. The Fletchers FAQ page can be found here.

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