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Monday, 10 January 2011

Fletchers - Project Management Guidelines

The final piece of useful information in the Information Update previously mentioned, is the following statement of Fletchers intentions with regard to how the project will operate.

Overall intentions
The project management team works on the following guidelines:
  • use existing industry practices and structure
  • local hire first, while identified resource pinch points will need to be sourced from elsewhere
  • accreditation for assurance and competence
  • steady work flow and prompt payments, for a reasonable return for all
  • a systemised approach, with good work practices
  • equitable, fair and transparent dealings, and prompt decisions
  • homeowner empathy and satisfaction
It is hoped that contractors and tradespeople will see themselves as a valuable part of the overall team, helping homeowners recover their asset value.
Exactly what that means for us, described here as homeowners and as claimants in another part of the document, is unclear. It is likely that the crux of it all for us will fall on the last word - satisfaction, where satisfaction will be more than a feel-good thing and incorporate agreement to what has been done, how it has been done and the warranties provided as to the suitability, quality, and integrity of what is delivered. 

The full document can be found here.

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