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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fletchers FAQ - Part 3: quality assurance process

Continuing with Item 9, the third bullet point reads:
  •  When the work is completed it will be signed off by the homeowner and the supervisor.
At this point a further major issue arises for homeowner(s): are they sufficiently informed to sign off the project with knowledge and confidence? Certainly, we can sign to say we acknowledge the project is complete, and that we formally take back possession of the property. What can't be so easily achieved is to sign off the project as being completed to the specifications of the scope of works or in compliance with government or local body requirements.

How are we to know that all has been done to the appropriate standards, and met all regulatory requirements? This is not to say that Fletchers (or the project managers used by insurance companies) are not to be trusted, rather it points to the fact that the homeowner(s) continue to be in a difficult position, especially if a dispute about what has been done arises in the future.

In a non-earthquake world life would be simpler. The building of a new houses is adequately covered by legislation; the mass repair of existing dwellings is not. Where buildings are damaged, or being renovated, the work is usually done on a small scale with more input and control by the homeowner.

More information is needed about this.

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